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California Historic Artillery Society cannon

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War Horses - Hoof Beats

Camp Warhorse is home to 35 four-legged members of the largest mounted artillery west of the Mississippi, the California Historical Artillery Society (CHAS).

Twenty-two years ago, Winfrey decided to pursue his longtime passion for Civil War re-enactments when his floral business failed. Using recycled materials from the business, he built the stomping grounds for the future horses of CHAS, "a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to preserving the life and times of historic artillery," as stated on its website...


NBC Bay Area Proud Coverage

A racehorse that too-often finishes out of the money can easily find itself out of luck.

Dennis Winfrey, a 78-year-old retired Salinas farmer, and horse-lover, has seen it happen many, many times.

"A racehorse either pays his own way, or he's history," Winfrey said...


Dream Machines Article

Whether it’s a vintage airplane, a drag racer, a hydroplane or an antique steam engine, the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, coming up April 30 at Half Moon Bay Airport, has always been about horsepower. This year, horsepower—the kind on four legs—will be an integral part of a special exhibit provided by the California Historical Artillery Society.

The California Historic Artillery Society (CHAS), based in Salinas, is a non-profit, educational organization dedicated to preserving the life and times of the warhorse. They use Standardbred horses off the racetrack to pull cannons, caissons, and wagons for parades, reenactments, and living history demonstrations and preserve and exhibit artillery from the 1840s to 1918. CHAS is the only mounted artillery unit west of the Mississippi...